Opponents of Constitutional Convention Should Approve Proposal #3

A Statement from the Adirondack Association of Towns & Villages

If you are among the 60% of likely New York voters who oppose the proposed Constitutional Convention (Siena College poll, 11/1/17), you should be overwhelmingly in favor of Ballot Proposal #3, creating the Public Health and Safety Land Account for Adirondack and Catskill communities.


Because Proposal #3 is an ideal example of how a small, well-reasoned, common-sense change can be made to the Constitution on a case-by-case basis, without opening the document to a complete overhaul in a convention.

The Siena poll found that 46% of likely voters support Ballot Proposal #3 as compared to 35% who say they are opposed. While this is encouraging, the Adirondack Association of Towns & Villages is hopeful that more opponents of the Convention — as well as Con Con supporters and undecided voters —  will vote Yes for Ballot Proposal #3 on Election Day.

Not only does Ballot Proposal #3 demonstrate how an amendment can be made to the Constitution without the need for a convention, it also has overwhelming bipartisan support among local governments, environmental groups, business organizations and recreational enthusiasts. In fact, the League of Women Voters in New York State has said it has found no groups opposed to the proposal.

Ballot Proposal #3 is a win-win for the Adirondack and Catskill Forest Preserves and the people who live and vacation in those regions. The proposal would amend the Constitution to, first, add 250 acres of land to the state Forest Preserve and, then, allow communities in the Adirondack and Catskill parks to remove a cumulative total of 250 acres of land from the Preserve over a period of years when necessary to make critical public health and safety infrastructure improvements, like upgrading water lines or fixing a dangerous road. The land eligible to be removed would be small parcels, located immediately adjacent to public roads, not in remote back-country areas. The only projects that would be eligible are those in which there is no other alternative than to use a small piece of Forest Preserve land to complete a project.

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